Lung Jail-Day 1

So after much internal struggle about whether I could handle this huge change/chapter, I have decided to suck it up. I am a bit bitter about not going last October because I chose that month for the very reason why I hate it here in February. Weather! The roads are shite here, its cold and the same idiots live here as at home. If this would have been October I would have looked forward to some park walking in the fall colours, getting to come home on the weekends and being able to walk to the Y. Alas I cannot turn back time so I am stuck here for February. The forecast is pretty shitty too. Did I mention the roads are pathetic?

I must give a shout out to my Dad who drove Mom up along with my extra suitcases that would not fit in my jeep because of the D O G, and then headed back home. He got all our stuff hauled in and my jeep plugged in (after trying to find the plug for 20 minutes in -24C. Thank goodness he could help us. Mom is also a bit disabled with a bad wing.

Now what have we accomplished and sorted in the last 24 hours:

  • Unpacked
  • Rearranged kitchen
  • Rearranged furniture
  • Rearranged bedrooms
  • Changed bedrooms
  • Got groceries from very close Sobeys
  • Got Cali sorted-she loves her little yard
  • Added some floor mats because Cali has some issues walking on laminate.
  • Rigged up redneck Cable as we found out that this place does not have cable- I WAS GUTTED.
  • Googled how to watch cable without cable.
  • Downloaded FREERANGE Shaw app.
  • Does not work on this Apple TV so hook it up through my laptop.
  • Search for one show we can agree on and leave it. No channel surfing for the next month! Ugh!
  • We have Apple TV but that is far from the same.
  • Each had 2 steam showers because it is as dry as crackers on the sun here!!
  • Set up humidifier for room one.
  • Going to buy humidifier 2 for room two.
  • Use both humidifiers in the main room during the day. I do not do well when it is TOO dry.
  • Cali has settled in the best out of all of us.
  • We drove our route to the U of A Hospital to see where we are going tomorrow morning.insert shitty drivers here!
  • Stopped by the Y – which is 3 blocks from condo for a one month membership.
  • Bought Cali a new harness as I forgot hers in YYC.
  • Meal planned.
  • Organized my med command central
  • Did meds
  • Rearranged furniture again
    • Now we are settled in for the night, getting ready for the start of the next chapter. I am looking forward to getting day one over with, taking Cali to dog park and going to the Y for a good 5km row! We may venture over to West Ed or leave it for Tuesday. I really appreciate the texts,fb messages and emails. They keep me going. I have to be honest I feel pretty broken right now. Hoping this next month puts me back together.


      1. Allen Adrian

        Hey Cuz – I know it’s a small blessing but be thankful you have a nice place to stay in. Many of my contemps stayed in the residence on site for which the only good thing was convenience. I thin it is so much better to have your own space away from the remembrances of why you are there. When I did my “time” we actually stayed on a farm outside the city and that had real restoring benefits from the daily physio and dealing with the avoiding getting sick and getting sick and… I pray that it will go quick and that it will be useful because sometimes it feels like its not. (You know when you have your routine which has served you well and people try to get you to change it.) May God give you strength.

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