Lung Jail – Day 3

Well I am happy to report that a bit of a solution has been put forth with the help of my Physio “Juan”- who also believes in infection control protocol. I stayed clear of the other CFer and worked out a plan with Juan. I will NOT be attending any of the classes in the small conference room and I will be doing my Physio 10-12 and she will be 8:30-10am. There are still a couple of things to work out with some of the education stuff but I am much happier with this solution. I talked with Juan about my crossfit program and I am designing a 5 day program that we will repeat for the next 4 weeks but change up the dates. Juan would like to see measurable results and this is the best way to do that. Juan is not a CrossFit guy but after my WOD today, I think I may be able to get him to crossover. I did Cindy today, a crossfit WOD, 5 Dumbbell rows, 10 push-ups and 15 squats for 20 minutes. I managed 6 rounds plus 5 rows. Everyone else in the gym, patients and staff, were just staring as I kicked ass. I believe I woke them all up to maybe rethinking the basic rehab exercises. I think I also showed them that I do in fact have my lung rehab under control. It was a much better day today. Now a nap, West Ed Mall and then off to the Y for rowing while Mom does aqua fit. Moral of the story is: Fight for yourself! I will never settle for what can be improved upon. Be amazing!


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