Lung Jail-Day 4

Well it was a very interesting day to say the least. Last night I designed 5 wods that we will repeat for the month so as to be able to measure results. Juan has been so awesome. I couldn’t have gotten a better physio. He did his homework last night and looked up some crossfit movements that he knew we could do in the gym. He also told me that he found some med balls and kettle bells we could use. The big news is he said when we can get access to the small gym we will use that for our WOD so I can do stuff like wall balls, farmer carries etc. Where space and height are needed. That is terrific!

I started my physio at 10am this morning while mom went to the education class about family support. She said the room was super tiny and did not even have enough seats for all of them. That is the very reason why I am not going to those classes due to proximity to the other CF girl. Mom had to deal with the instructors shock that I was not coming as I am sure she is not used to someone refusing to attend a class due to infection control issues. Mom told her the reason and she was still not happy. Mom also said the family of the other CF girl, who is 16, proceeded to tell Mom that the paed’s clinic in Calgary does NOT separate them from eachother- that is absolutely not true. I feel so sad for people who are limited in the education of their diseases and situation. It also frustrates me beyond all hell. Moral of the story- stay clear of the family.

Juan liked the 5 wods I created and today we did a nice little met-con of 5 sets of 200m on the treadmill and then a 21-15-9 of 12# bench press and 20″step ups. It was a great wod for me and honestly I am so happy that I am going to kick ass in physio everyday. I love how everyone’s jaws drop as I do my workout, while the patients sit on a machine doing a modified tricep pull. I told Juan that I could teach him some great programming for the patients he thinks would enjoy them. He said he has a couple of people in mind for it. Very exciting. I met one other dude today. Mike from YYC, had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and was planted 2 months ago. A fit guy for 63 and post trx. He is one of the guys who Juan may program crossfit for. To be perfectly honest the rehab program would really benefit from crossfit methodology as it would give the patients some fun while either gaining strength pre transplant or recovery post transplant. As you all know CrossFit is 100% adaptable to each and every person no matter the disability.

My o2 says were holding steady at 95% while exercising and off of oxygen they sat at 94%. That made me feel good. My heart rate was also in the perfect zone for increasing cardiovascular endurance.

I do see my purpose here and I think it is to get the rehab program to start thinking out of the box. As for any other interaction with the CF girl- thats not gonna happen as Juan is super flexible with my times to workout, so I get to go at 10:30 Friday’s and AFTER any of the education classes- meaning I will completely avoid her except for 2 classes in the small gym. In those situations I have asked the instructor to be sure to give both her and I masks and sit us at complete opposite sides of the room.

I am going to help “Maggie” the nurse coordinator to write a new protocol for when 2 CFers are in the same class. I have forwarded her CF Canadas protocols for infection control for both patient and health care worker. This should help show them that it is a huge problem doing what they are currently (well not with my class) doing by putting the CFers at risk. They need to be accountable and I think they see that now.

All in all it was a good day. The weather here is super frustrating though as it is super cold and we are up so early that it feels even colder! Apparently it is going to break next Thursday!

Time for bed. Cali is all tucked in. Thanks for sharing this crazy adventure with me.

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