CrossFit Physio- Day 6

Well we survived a week. I am excited for what I can offer the program vs.what it can offer me.Today I did a nice little 20 minute EMOM of jumping bar muscle ups, bench pistols, dumbbell snatch at 15# and sit ups. It was great! Next week I think Juan is starting me off with the deck of cards. He brought a deck today just in case I wanted to tackle it but I had a long day the day before so wanted to space the long ones out. It was a long week dealing with so many changes and learning the roads and dealing with the weather etc. I am looking forward to a nothing day tomorrow with the exception of off leash with Miss C and a 5 Km row. The other top priority, to finish up Narcos on Netflix. I went to physio sans mom as she was coming down with a cold and she cant bring that to the gym. I also sent her home today to keep me from getting sick and her to get better. She was trying to tell me she was fine because she didn’t want to abandon me here in Edmonton. I said I’d rather be alone and healthy than chance getting sick!! Here’s Mom catching the bus with a bunch of U of A kids! My heart sank as she drove away.

The transplant program is very persistent about having a support person in your life to help navigate this journey and rightfully so. Most patients fair very well pre and post transplant with a strong support system in place. If thats the case I am going to be a superstar because I have a support system that most would envy. I am grateful for that and them. At this point I am still independent etc. But I can see how much I will need that support system when I get sicker because things will get harder. I appreciated all the stuff Mom did for me this week. Even though I was rarely hungry, she would make something and lo and behold I would eat it. Go figure. She took care of the mundane things that I normally do like prepping my night time feed, cleaning the IV bag of leftover food the next day and prepping once again for the next night. She took Cali for a couple walks even though it was a billion below 0. She scraped the Jeep, started it and sat in it while I was getting ready to go. She’d get my morning meds and milk ready for me and feed Cali. It was all very helpful for me as I sorted out my place in all of this. Its also very difficult for me to relinquish control- so that was a good test for next week with Dad and the week after with Neil.

I love all the people I have met so far and soaking up as much of this experience as I can. I have met some patients with the saddest stories and Ive seen the power of a mothers undying love for her child at any age through my own mom but also through several others as they help their adult child commandeer a new life. Its very Godly to watch. I am blessed.

This journey is not for the weak, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Your resolve to conquer must be very high or you will not make it. I’m still terrified for the crappy part of my life yet to come and I honestly hope I can manage it with grace. Some days I wonder when that next shoe drops and then I just shake it off and enjoy the day in front of me.

I hope that whoever reads this remembers to always have perspective. A parking ticket in the scheme of things is nothing, a warm hug from a good friend is everything. Good health will help you live a good life and without you have nothing.

Good night and always remember “get busy livin’ or get busy dyin”

My commute to physio today.


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