CrossFit Physio – Day 11

Well it was an awe inspiring moment when, after 90 minutes of a wait, I got to meet this Demi-god. I will keep his name anonymous like all other characters in my blog but I will refer to him as “Batman”. Like I said last night, I researched the heck out of him. I didn’t know what to expect in regards to looks based on hearing his voice but he was a pleasant surprise. He was a bug guy, lots of girth, but not overweight. He’s done over 70 lung transplants and over 100 in residency (on various animals etc).He is more than qualified. Its not a guarantee that I will get him when the time comes but I sure do hope so!. He treated me at my level of education, he didn’t sugar coat anything and he was humoured by my listening to his podcast on Surgery 101. His attending, who was also shadowing him, was asking me were she can find this podcast. He said he forgot about doing it last July.

I find that many specialists are a bit reserved, coolish and this was not the case with Batman. I think its because I impressed him with my extensive knowledge in this area and I also made him laugh. He avoids eye contact which is fine by me. I believe that these guys who scrape out necrotic, puss filled, diseased, useless lungs to replace them with beautiful pink healthy lungs that were harvested just hours ago, deserve a pretty high level of respect and no judgement about their quirks.

I really liked him. He was very happy to find out I was a B+ blood type as there are currently none on the list nor have been in quite awhile. That means my wait shouldn’t be too long. He did say that my left lung is pretty much shrunk up in my chest wall while my right lung has expanded. This might make finding an appropriate sized person to fit both sides a bit difficult but not a deal breaker. He did say that they have shaved off parts of a lung to get it to fit.

He said that the person who never has to wait for lungs is a 6’5 male, as most donors are idiotic men who drive motorcycles and crash into trees. I guess I’m outta luck there. It was funny to hear and sad at the same time.

I asked him if, when he cuts into the lungs, if they reek and he said, not usually,  but with the CF lungs,once he gets them out they will actually just ooze puss right in front of his eyes. TMI but appreciated the candour. He was happy to hear that I have never had a hemothorax or pneumothorax, because a history of collapsed lungs makes for a pretty difficult surgery. Knock on wood I can avoid that.

Honestly this guy is my age and I could totally see being friends. He was my kinda people and that’s hard to find. My inner circle is quite small. I hope that Batman is the guy on call when I get “the” call and he races over to the hospital in his bat mobile to save my life. A girls every dream!!

Well I am off to the Y for some more rowing before it gets too busy. I enjoyed my day.

On another note: the Royal Alexandra hospital has a real, true, bond-fide food court. Yes a hospital with normal cool food! It has Tim’s, Trendz, Pizza Pizza, The Coffee Bar and Whitespot!! That is very cool.


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