CrossFit Physio-Day 13

It was an exhausting day and I need this weekend to recover big time!

I had everything working against me today. Woke up 2 hours before my alarm and couldn’t fall back asleep. Car barely started in -27C, had to scrape windows with my credit card cause the brush I bought from dollarama was shite and I hit a big rock on the way. It sounded like it clunked up right below my feet. Thankfully no engine signs lit up!. Circled for 20 minutes for a parking spot. I was already psyching myself out over todays WOD because I knew we were doing the deck of cards. For my non-crossfit friends the deck of cards works like this. You assign a movement for each suit. In my case, diamonds were sit-ups, hearts were air squats, spades were 7# strict press and clubs were 8# Russian med ball twists. You shuffle the deck and start the WOD. Every card represents the number of the reps with face cards being 10 and aces were 15. You go through the entire deck. You end up doing 189 reps of each movement if you get through the whole deck. I put a 45 min. Time cap on it but managed to finish it in under 38 minutes. I was NOT feeling great and quite frankly I was bagged but I’m happy with the result. Juan brought in a brand new Spiderman deck of cards just for me. See above.

It has been a very trying 2 weeks so far. The hardest part has been getting up at 7 am and avoiding germs and sick people. Mentally I am fried as well. This whole process is almost out of body and if I think too long about it I get kinda freaked out. I am looking forward to going to sleep as soon as this is posted.

After the WOD I had a 2.5 hour psych evaluation. It was just tiring and I had to sign a waiver that says I will never ever smoke after my transplant. Bah! That was really the gist of the sit-down because most non-cfers who need a transplant were or are smokers. I don’t even want to get into the moral Pandora’s box that whole issue opens up. Let’s just say if I saw someone smoking after their transplant I would call.them.out!

I managed to get home before rush hour and I got a bunch of things done on my to do list, like take the garbage out and pick up Cali’s presents she leaves for me in the yard! Then I took her to the dog park. Her dog boots are officially trashed and this stupid arctic front that this city is situated in is not going to break any time soon so I took her to get fitted for some sweet winter boots! Here ‘s hoping they stay on like the last pair.

Thanks you for all the encouragement near and far. It is much appreciated and when I am feeling defeated I just go online and read them. I do wish that some days I could just be “un-strong”, not weak but to be able to take a break from being strong. I’m not sure what that looks like but I would like it to happen to me!


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