CrossFit Physio- Day 16

Well its the start of the third week and I got some good news. I get to go home early. There were so many people telling me, oh no they will make you do the whole thing, don’t get your hopes up and I kept saying but they’ve never seen a patient like me. That has to account for something and it has. They love that I am showing the physios and other patients that they can do more and to not be scared to try. That part of this whole thing is the silver lining. I also met with a different doc today at clinic and he was awesome. He was astounded by me and what I am doing. He said that I may go on to stay stable for years. Its not out of the realm of possibility since my track record shows a long level of stability. I thought that was nice to hear rather than- when you go down you are gonna go down hard!

I picked Neil up today and got him all situated. He made us a nice supper with leftovers. He also pointed out that in the 21 years of knowing Traci, this is the first Valentines he will spend away from her. Thanks for lending him to me Traci! I think we will just stay in and watch hockey. It would be weird to go out to a nice restaurant. Hahaha.

Tomorrow is a class about spiritual and emotional wellness. As much as this topic is very important I think that it is also very personal. I’m not sure I will attend. I had a good workout too. Beat my time from last week by 3 minutes. I guess the moral of the story is- I CAN workout 5 days a week and not suffer. I also guess that I will have to make that change upon my arrival back home. Oleksiy is gonna get sick of seeing me everyday! I also went to the Y for another row-3k today.

Finally, Miss California decided to help herself to my valentines goodies from my friend Carol. I didn’t even get to see what it was. I had to ask Carol what was in the bag. Turns out it was 12 cherry chocolate cookies! Ugh. Hopefully garbage gut doesn’t need to go out at 2 am. Double ugh.

Well thats it for today. See y’all on the flip side. I officially have 6 days left in the gym! Yeehaw


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