CrossFit Physio – Day 17

Well I officially have 5 days left in the gym. I am very excited to come home for the weekend. It feels like its been forever. I really am happy with the condo I found and I hope its available for the 3 months post transplant when the time comes.

I just finished the CrossFit judges course and it really reaffirms to me that I do know a lot about crossfit and that I can teach it despite not being able to do the big movements. Its also motivated me to start designing a “Boomers” Class. It would be so beneficial for so many elderly, injured or disabled people.

Neil took Cali to the off leash today and he got to pick up the mess that 12 cherry chocolate cookies does to her bowels!! It was a 2 bagger with a scoop of snow. Bah!

I am running out of things to talk about- please send me questions you’d like answered!


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