CrossFit Physio- Day 19

Well now the home stretch is in sight. The jeep is packed with non essentials for my trip home for the weekend. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Had another great WOD and then an afternoon meeting with the dietitian. Nothing exciting there as I am at my ideal BMI. Tomorrow I meet with the anesthesiologist in the afternoon. It has been great getting to know the team but I did NOT need to be here for 4 weeks. The only thing that has come out of this program for me has been getting my ass out of bed early in the morning. I guess thats the silver lining.

Here are some pics of the hospital that has been home base.

I just want normal right now, not sick.

Here’s a pic that neil took of my fur babe and it is exactly how I will feel next Tuesday!!!

Goodnight to the 6 of you reading this blog!!


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