CrossFit Physio- Day 20-23

So I went home for the long weekend and literally just shut down. It was a long 3+weeks. I missed my bed. I am back in Edmonton now after a 4 hour instead of 3 hour trip due to bad drivers. That road is a nightmare on a good day. Will tackle it again on Wednesday. Yes Wednesday!! I have 1.5 days here but in that time I have appointments with cardiology, infectious disease, and anaesthesiology. I also have clinic, ICU tour and walk test, not to mention 2 days of physio. I am in bed as I type this.

I know that I did not need a month here but I am glad to meet the team that gets the lungs and puts them in and helps them not reject! I also am grateful to learn the city and where to go.

Cali was ridiculously excited to arrive at the condo today! I think she thinks its our vacation home. Bah!!! I will keep in touch tomorrow sometime. Good night to the 7 people reading this. LOL



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