CrossFit Physio – Day 24

Like I mentioned earlier it was a bizarre clinic appointment. Clinic was initially supposed to be on Wednesday but apparently the team had too many coming so we got bumped to Tuesday. I think we had the ‘D’ team. The doc comes in and asks a few questions and the nurse does the vitals. He says am I ready for a transplant and I said no. I will not be actively listed. He seemed really spaced out. It was weird and then he gets up and leaves along with the nurse. That was it. We had to ask if we were done. Like no congrats on making it through the 4 weeks, no goodbye, nada. Mom and I look at eachother asking if that just really happened. I’ve never seen that kind of behaviour in my 41 years as a patient. I dont even think you can call it bad bedside manner, it was just – I’m leaving and dont let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. And that was that. I have a ha;f day left and the exhaustion of it all hit me big time tonight. I cant blog as much as I wanted as I am just beat and tomorrow is another early morning with infectious disease specialist, anaesthesiology and the ICU tour all before noon. So for now I shall hit the hay. I’m almost there.


Thanks for tagging along in my journey.

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