CrossFit Physio-Day 25

Well it is finally done. It has been a trying, frustrating, exhausting, cold month. I have known that I would have to do the 4 week program for many many years and I always dreaded the thought. Why? Because it’s a reminder of my dire situation and its very disruptive to me and my support persons. Did I need to be here for 4 weeks? No. That said I did enjoy my one on one chats with a cardiologist, infectious disease specialist, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. In fact my chat with the latter was extremely informative. In these meetings I was a sponge and learned so much more of what the human body can endure. I will divulge that info at a later date. I got to meet the entire team that helps get you back on your feet post trx. I did get to familiarize myself with the roads and shopping etc. That will come in handy once trx happens.

I felt for the other patients in the program because they have no idea what is to come. They were never sick before they got sick. I, on the other hand am very used to it. I am used to taking the meds, doing the physio, using good coping skills, finding ways to find joy in the dark. I am also beyond compliant, which is absolutely key.

We had the ICU tour today and its a floor with 26 separate pods where you are monitored 24/7 by your own nurse. The rooms are nice and big and many of them have big bright windows allowing the sun to pour in. It was comforting.

I feel that I am as ready as I can be and at some point before I become de-conditioned from severe health decline I will ask to become active. I look forward to a new chapter. New lungs opens up a huge world for me if no complications hold me back. I want to go to law school. That has been on my life list since 10th grade. I want to travel to countries where you just walk around til your feet fall off. I want to train as an elite CrossFit athlete would. I would also like to continue my education in the crossfit world and really get into coaching. I want to just run somewhere.

Thank you to everyone who has followed me along on this journey. I can’t wait to sleep in!! Heading home tomorrow morning for good!

Health & Happiness


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