Second Home Sweet Home

I was so happy to head over to the gym tonight and get back into my normal life. Chinook CrossFit has always felt like home to me. The people there are top notch, good wholesome peeps. We share our good times, celebrate milestones and cheer eachother on. It’s a place to feel safe. Its the nest in the ‘fitness tree’. It was so great to catch up with everyone. Kudos to everyone who killed 18.1 tonight btw.

No one can ever understand the family feel in a crossfit box unless you belong to one. It is unlike any other fitness program out there. These people will take a bullet for each other.

I have a bit of writers block right now. I feel pretty frazzled with the disaster that is my house and it makes it super hard to concentrate. I feel pretty overwhelmed and I still need a few days to recover from the last 4 weeks. My house is too big for me so I need to look at downsizing and that overwhelms me. I have lots of people who want to help but I don’t even know where to start. I have to write up a new life game plan but even that is overwhelming. LOL. I also might need to look at getting a new vehicle. My poor little Jeep is starting to fail me. I need to get her into car hospital next week.

When is enough, enough? I ask myself every time I buy a pen I do not need or throw away groceries I did not eat or folded my 11th fleece blanket. It’s just stuff and why do I need so much of it? It’s too much. It literally is cluttering up my life. I need a new life strategy. Anyone out there know a life de-clutterer?

Besides my feeling of being trapped under a car, life is good. I’m home. Cali is awesome. Spring is just around the corner and I do not have to dread my 4 week boot camp anymore. On that note I am off to bed. Thank you to all of you who read this crazy version of my life.

Health and Happiness

Finding Joy in the Dark,


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