The second workout of the 5 workouts released by CrossFit HQ is in my books. It was another difficult workout but I managed to get a score. I had no idea if I could do the 40 pound dumbbell squats but surprisingly I was able to do it. It was the burpees that killed me. I promised myself to just be happy with my performance therefore I am very happy with it. I am doing a workout that people with good lungs can’t do. I will celebrate that and me!.

I was approached by a documentarian who does features for Telus, to tell my story. I agreed of course, because I want to share my story to help raise awareness about cystic fibrosis. So herself and her cameraman showed up to get some B roll and to learn a little bit more about me. She ended up framing the idea of the story by following me doing each workout for the next 3 weeks. I think it will be a pretty dynamic and interesting story if I do say so myself. She might even hire my brother to get the box shots. This sounds like a very in depth look into my life, including a filming of my mornings. Ugh! No one wants to see this mug first thing in the morning but I alas I shall fall on that sword for the good of the cause.

I just love being at the gym, judging the athletes and seeing so much awesome-ness. Our final workout on the 23rd is our potluck party and so much fun. You’re invited.

My reward for tonight was a crazy episode of LIVE PD and now meds and bed. I have a big weekend ahead of me as I am moving my room down into the dining room. Essentially turning my house into a bungalow, for the time being. I know I should downsize but the need to downsize is due to my lungs and that part of my life is temporary, so why move when I can adapt. When I get new lungs I will be able to handle the largeness of my house.

Have a beautiful weekend and since we can’t seem to get rid of winter, go out and enjoy ALL that sparkling snow.



  1. Nicole Burkart

    Simply amazing Nicki!
    I look forward to seeing your documentary. You should be so proud of yourself and your trillion accomplishments!!
    I look forward to reading about the trillion more you achieve.

    Liked by 1 person

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