My New Bungalow

Well it has been quite the weekend. With the help of Mom, Dad, Carol, & Michael we managed to make a beautiful master bedroom for me in the dining room. Thank you! Cali is totally out of sorts but as I type this she is sleeping on my lap and seems to be much more settled. I don’t blame her for being out of sorts because I feel out of sorts. As long as we are together it doesn’t matter where.

I found this whole process pretty hard physically and emotionally but I really need to come to grip with my reality. I am struggling with stairs, chores, groceries and am depending on my oxygen more during the day. Since Edmonton I have felt overwhelmed with my life and now I am making some changes. I HATE that I have to make these changes because my health sucks but I know I need to help myself. Alas I have a bedroom in my dining room. As I was packing down some clothes and toiletries to my new room I couldn’t help but feel sad, like I am abandoning a life I once had. This has brought me to tears tonight. I am happy that I have done this but I just feel closer to death an that scares me. I’m so very tired of this fight and today was a long hard fight. I know a good nights sleep will help me sort through these feelings as everything always seems more tragic at night. Tomorrow a new dawn and new start. Here are some candid shots of the transformation. Adapt or die.



  1. Weeder

    Awe Nik, my heart breaks for you! You are one of the most determined & strongest girls I know. I hope you know that the world is a better place because of you! Your new bedroom looks amazing, & your ability to adapt is unbelievable!! Can’t wait to see you at the gala. It is always a night we are completely honoured to be apart of to celebrate all the incredible advancements you have made in fighting this shitty disease!!

    I think of you often & am so proud to call you my friend! 29 years…..

    Hugs & support
    Weeder xo

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