18.3,One Week in the Bungalow, & a Nap

Oh my its been a week since I wrote. Bad me. So since last weekend I managed to get my bedroom moved to my dining room, conquered 18.3 CrossFit Open Wod and prepped for filming segments needed for this documentary. The move was a lot of work but it was worth it. I have enjoyed being on my main level and it really has made a difference. I needed a new vial of insulin last night and all I had to do was walk 5 feet to the fridge. Yes! Cali is totally cool with it and goes to bed without me now.

Last Friday I did the 3rd WOD of 5 for CrossFit Open and it was really hard. It was 100 single skips, 20 Overhead squats at 35lbs, 100 single skips, 12 pull ups…Well since I couldn’t skip with my oxygen on it took me half the time cap to just get the skips in. The overhead squat was pretty heavy for me and I stupidly used the 35lb bar instead of what I usually work on which is a 15lb bar with 10’s on each end. My total score was 106 in 14 minutes. I know I could have gotten more squats if I had switched up the bars. The skipping was hard as my feet felt like lead.

Now I am trying to get this online and go to bed as the time change and losing an hour will wreck me if I don’t get to bed. Got lots of rowing done this week so I took the weekend off. Slowly I have been trying to simplify my life in all areas.

Here is my junk drawer below which represent my life currently…lol

And here it is somewhat organized, what I aspire to have in my life.

Lastly, I have been working on the gala. Tickets are on sale now and the price increases end of day Friday. I managed to get a behind the scenes tour with the Giraffes at the zoo for 20 people as a very cool live auction item. If you are going to come to the SUPER gala just head over to http://www.sfcf.ca. I promise you the night will be beyond your expectations and you will have an incredible time dancing, eating, drinking and speeding around in Gotham!!

See you on the flip side!!


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  1. Janet

    Glad you’re enjoying living on the ground floor. Perhaps you’ll consider a Rancher now! Prioritize and cut back on what is not essential. You need to keep as healthy as possible! Love you. Jan & Gramps

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