The Making of a Bad Night

So I shared what a bad morning looks like for me and was reminded last night, what a bad night looks like for me. UGH! The red flag to knowing the night is going to be bad is that my cough/chest will not settle. I cannot find a comfortable position to lay in and I am panting. These nights are beyond exhausting when all I can think about is trying to catch my breath by doing absolutely nothing. My body becomes so tensed up that I have to find some sort of zen to tell myself to let go, it might help. This goes on for several hours. I eventually find a way to calm myself out of either pure exhaustion or pure determination. I get up about 3 am and do some more breathing treatments while Miss California lovingly lays at my feet. She too, shares in my bad night as her slumber becomes interrupted with worry for mommy.

The night continues to go on without me seeing a wink of sleep.I, instead, read crap on twitter, re-read the news, and in desperate times I google a Kardashian. 4 am goes by and then 5 am. Finally, after my body gives up out of desperation, I find some slumber. Now I get to wake up broken, exasperated and ready to go back to bed. Miss California, again, at my feet gets her much needed night time sleep so she can be ready for her daytime sleep.

I know how important sleep is and I usually have a good sleep- never great, but good. When I have a bad sleep my immune system weakens and its a great time for some sort of bug to jump on and try to kill me. So today if I am only able to respond to emails, get all my meds done and feed Cali, then that has to be good enough.

For now I am sharing so that no one else ever takes a good nights sleep for granted ever again!! LOL


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