Ellen Degeneres…Bit of a Swing and a Miss for Me

So I took mom to see Ellen last night and although I had no idea what a conversation with Ellen would look like I can’t say that I was totally gob-smacked. Yes she is a legend and yes she is probably one of the most famous people in the world but honestly I was a bit let down. But I did get to see her in person.

The stage was beyond simple with a cheesy 2 chair set up on a small rug with 2 fake planters to look like a very badly decorated living room. There was a rack of hockey sticks in the back left side of the stage and a keyboard in front. Only one screen set up to see her up close, for those of us in the nose bleeds section and the only other way to see her was through the jumbo tron. It was like the event was hastily planned the night before. We were treated to 3 weirdly selected songs from the Tenors, who got absolutely no advertising for their opening for Ellen. But I did get to see her in person.

Dave Kelly was lucky enough to be chosen to host her and navigate this conversation with her. I could think of 10 other Calgary personalities who would have been better. But I did get to see her in person.

Mom and I arrived early in the hopes to buy some Ellen merchandise but that was not to happen. Not a speck of Ellen to be found anywhere in the concourse. Not a poster, not a banner, not a T-shirt, nada. I could have just as easily been going to a hockey game. But I did get to see her in person.

Now to add to my disappointment I paid $480 for 2 tickets located at the top of the 200’s level. It was a ridiculously steep climb and I just about passed out as soon as we got to our seats. To us, the angle of the screen was not great and we were too far away to see her clearly sitting on the stage. I just didn’t understand why they couldn’t add some screens. Garth Brooks had so many screens it felt like he was sitting on your lap!But I did get to see her in person.

She told some nice stories, was her usual funny self and basically just recounted stories and milestones in her life that we have seen on her show, on Oprah or elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong it was very cool to be in her presence and to see this legend in my hometown. I just don’t think I got what I paid for. She spoke for an hour, a couple videos were shown and that was that. Had to wait at the end for the 50/50 number to show up on the screen to see if we were winners and then we all filed out of the dome feeling uninspired, little to no female empowerment and a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I truly expected more. But I did get to see her in person.

I did a quick calculation to see how much Ellen was probably making for this one hour and at 14000 tickets at an average of $300 per person the tickets alone brought in $4.2Million dollars. This did not include any of the money made in food and drink. I figured she probably made $2 Million USD for her 1 hour of gracing us with her presence. But I did get to see her in person.

I know many people will not agree with me but I think some will. I’m not sure it was worth almost $500 of my money. I get more out of her show on TV than I did from this conversation with Ellen. But I did get to see her in person.

I spent $60 to see Garth Brooks and walked away feeling light and happy. I spent $475 to see Ellen and walked away.

Honestly, I should have just spent the $475 on an Ellen merchandise order. But I did get to see her in person.

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  1. Tina

    I attended the show as well, and I do love Ellen. I agreed with most of what you said, although I was sure TELUS hosted the event and not Ellen? From what I gathered (completely my own determination, I might add) TELUS put on the show and hired Ellen to appear? Whether Calgarians got mislead, or we didn’t read the fine print (was there fine print?) it was a bit of a let down – not because Ellen isn’t amazing, just being in the same building with her was a plus for me, but everything else kinda sucked. Especially the infomercial from the TELUS rep…seriously, nobody cares. Ether way I did also get to see Ellen in person, and I would probably get roped in again if she ever comes back to town:)


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