So it was a day of firsts for me today. I have been working out 4-5 days a week now, up from 2-3. This does not include my daily walks/rows. I am feeling very strong and quite confident that my lung function is staying over 30%, which is great. Today’s WOD was another doozy. “Eva”, one of the girls as we say in the crossfit world. It looks like this:

5 Rounds for time

800m run

30 Kettlebell Swings 32kg/24kg

30 Pull-ups

Time cap 50 minutes.

It was super hard for all the able bodied athletes so I wasn’t looking forward to how long it was going to take me and if I would time cap out(meaning not finishing). Normally I would row whatever we had to do as a run but because this WOD was upper strength heavy I decided to try one round by walking the distance with snoopy. My friend Denita said it was probably in my best interests to take snoopy aka my oxygen for a walk. I heeded her advice and lo and behold I was able to stay competitive with my fellow athletes and managed coming in second in the class. That was my first first of the day, the second first was actually going outside in the public with my oxygen on. Getting the looks from passerby’s and people driving did not phase me one bit. I was in beast mode and beast mode was only possible with snoopy by my side. So today was a great day and I finished the workout in 38:29. My Eva looked like this:

5 Rounds for time

400m walk

15 – 8kg Kettlebell swings

15- Ring rows

My life motto has become Adapt. Overcome. Move on.

I am very happy with myself, my crossfit family who don’t see the oxygen and the grace of God giving me this incredible strength. I thank him for this special day. Last night I threw up my whole night feed, due to a new med I had to add and was exhausted when I woke up, so this day was a brilliant surprise.

This is me trying to stay ahead of one of our wonder teens- Lauren!!!


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