Assisted Suicide-My Thoughts…

So a girl with CF passed away yesterday, she married her best friend on May 26 and in his arms she passed away. I am very grateful that we, as Canadians, now have access to this gift. We save our pets from a miserable death so of course it makes sense to allow ourselves this option.

As a catholic it is not allowed but I do not think God wanted us to suffer when we know we have little time left. If I need to make this choice, I will choose death, on my terms. That is a gift.

Death in end stage CF is ugly. It’s not painful like Cancer ravaging your body and your so high from the morphine that you don’t even know you’ve died, but its long. We just end up being over taken by carbon dioxide that the body can no longer get rid of and we pass out. It’s not quite that easy as with that comes wicked CO2 headaches, organ failure and dementia/delusions. If I can avoid this type of slipping from the earth I will.

I am very sad for this girl who passed away. She was always in our chat groups as a positive upbeat girl asking for advice, giving advice or simply sharing a medical victory with us. It’s hard to fathom now knowing that she will no longer be making any posts. Just like that- vanished.

Its a beautiful death for a beautiful person. Breathe easy Colleen as God has called you back. As for Cystic Fibrosis- you are a motherfucker and I will loathe you always!

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