11 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. I have no sense of smell. After my 7th sinus surgery in 1992 I lost my sense of smell. It is a curse and a blessing. At the gym, the stinkier you are the more I don’t care lol. But the stinkier I am, I apologize. I try to just be proactive and brush my teeth 4 x a day and always have deodorant on and kept in my gym bag and shower daily lol. The down side is I don’t get the luxury of smelling beautiful roses or a turkey cooking on Christmas Day.

2. I speak Spanish. I graduated from the U of C in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. I often eavesdrop on the staff while vacationing in Mexico, Spain, or any Wal-mart in North America. It’s fun.

3. I drink a combination of chocolate milk and white milk poured over ice every night.

4. I am addicted to almost all of the Real Housewives’ shows with the exception of Atlanta,

5. I love making lists.

6. I am extremely picky as to which type of glass I will drink my beloved coca-cola from. It has to be glass or crystal with a very very thin glass thickness.

7. I am an amazing lip sync artist and probably know the words to 2500 songs, mostly from the 80’s.

8. I hate writing with anything other than a blue ink medium/bold pen.

9. I have always wanted and still would like an outdoor pool. As impractical as they are and the fact that I don’t have the lungs to actually swim, I have been enamoured by them since birth!

10. I have lasered the hair off of almost all of my body so that come transplant time I won’t have the awkwardness of over grown arm pits, legs or girly bits. I love the ease of it.

11. I wear 2 pairs of socks almost everyday of the year and they are very particular types of socks.

That’s my Tuesday night blog. See y’all every Thursday and Sunday. Thursday topic is about 2 unforgettable moments in my life. Stay tuned!


“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'”

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