99 Things I Love List

Since it is just 9 short days from my birthday I thought I would share my top 99 things I love. That way if anyone wants to get me a prezzie, here are some ideas.

  1. Coca-cola in a glass bottle chilled to almost frozen.
  2. My IPAD.
  3. Flowers in reds, pinks,and whites. I don’t like yellows and oranges.
  4. Bluetooth speakers.
  5. Fuzzy thick socks.
  6. Anything with paws on it.
  7. Washi tape.
  8. Adult colouring books (I have enough currently).
  9. Big Turk chocolate bars
  10. Garden flags.
  11. Solar lights.
  12. Organizing trays.
  13. Bold point pens in blue only.
  14. Chocolate milk.
  15. Ice.
  16. Puppies.
  17. Japanese mint oil.
  18. Apps that puts funny dog faces on pictures.
  19. Sweatpants.
  20. Anything with CrossFit on it or to do with CrossFit.
  21. Cool rings- size 5 or 7/
  22. My Dyson.
  23. Spanish books.
  24. Good Host ice tea mix.
  25. Bacon.
  26. Homemade butter icing.
  27. Reading lights that attach to a book.
  28. Big fuzzy scrunchies for my hair.
  29. Pink nail polish.
  30. The entire series of Jersey Shore. (No judgment here!)
  31. Cute tiny frames.
  32. Cinnamon gum.
  33. Cinnamon sugar.
  34. Cherry Twists.
  35. Fleece anything.
  36. Stickers.
  37. Keurig K-Cups- Red Rose Tea.
  38. My Keurig.
  39. Jumbo raisin cookies-homemade…by…me.
  40. Puppies. ( I might have said that but it deserves 2 mentions)
  41. Cool pill boxes, bags, holders etc.
  42. Kong Squeaker tennis balls (Cali might have told me to add this).
  43. Strawberry cheesecake.
  44. Abstract art in jewel tones.
  45. Homemade French fries with homemade chicken or pork gravy.
  46. Soft T-shirts with funny sayings on them.
  47. Butter.
  48. 2% Milk.
  49. Travel tumblers.
  50. Water bottles with wide mouths that I can pour ice into.
  51. Gift cards to: Homesense, Winners, Amazon, Victorias Secret, David’s Tea, Petsmart, Rona, Sobeys, ITunes, SkipTheDishes…
  52. Granny’s fried hamburgers and fried chicken.
  53. Baba’s chicken.
  54. Apples peeled and cut up.
  55. Carrots and dip.
  56. Marcelle waterproof eye liner – browns, purples, and greens.
  57. The Ordinary- Niacinide 10% and Zinc 2% face serum.
  58. Bio-therm AfterSun (I have 3 bottles on the go right now).
  59. Benny’s Bully’s Liver Chops (Cali insisted)
  60. Vera Bradley items.
  61. Desigual brand items.
  62. El dia de los muertos items.
  63. Hand towels that attach to the oven door handle (usually crocheted).
  64. Fresh limes.
  65. Tequila- reposado only!
  66. Dog snuggles.
  67. Mail, letters, surprises.
  68. Someone to mow my lawn.
  69. My super awesome lawn mower that starts with one pull.
  70. Bath and body works hand soaps.
  71. Anything with eucalyptus in it.
  72. Microsoft word, publisher and excel.
  73. My canon selphy.
  74. My HP Sprocket.
  75. Slides- size 7.5
  76. Themed birthday parties.
  77. Party games and activities.
  78. Giving out prizes.
  79. Lip syncing anything from the 80’s.
  80. Spotify.
  81. Tupperware.
  82. One good pair of jeans that snug up my butt and make it look amazing! (Also due to squats).
  83. Philosophy- exfoliating daily face wash.
  84. Anything “Life is Good” brand.
  85. Humourous friends.
  86. Bones for Bone Tuesdays and Fridays. (That’s enough Miss California, this is my list).
  87. Playing with Cali whenever possible.
  88. Watching Cali bury her bone in the couch as if I cannot see her doing it.
  89. Costco’s Mango/Peach salsa.
  90. A good ant killer.
  91. Good neighbours.
  92. The internet.
  93. Wed MD- lol
  94. A good chiro sesh.
  95. A Pool.
  96. Almond Bark from my friend Carol.
  97. Anything with my full name on it”Nicole”.
  98. Judge Judy.
  99. My electric bike.

I should add Birthdays, as they are a true gift for me. Have a super day. Feel free to comment with your favourite things…


“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'”

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