Burpees? No Effing Way

To my gaggle of amazing supporters,

School is back in session, the leaves are turning yellow and we look toward the hibernating part of our year. It has been a very busy year for us at the Summit Foundation as we venture into uncharted territory. We are in the process of getting our own charitable number, changing things up for the 15th Annual Marquee Event and growing our last fundraiser of the year to epic proportions.

Our Progress:

In the past 14 years, with your support, we have raised $2.5 million dollars for research in the area of lung disease and while we haven’t found a cure or a way to stop CF, we are making progress. CF is an extremely complicated disease and it is going to take a pretty complicated solution to stop it but we believe we are making a huge leap in changing the face of the disease and finding ways to kill the bugs that continue to grow in the lungs of ALL CF’ers. This is what ultimately leads to respiratory failure.

What am I up to?

I sit here typing this with only 24% lung function left in these chronically infected lungs and I hope for a way to stop them from continuing to decline. I could live me life in a very limited but fulfilling way if we could just stop the CF from destroying what’s left of my lungs. My year has been full of ups and downs as is the case with CF. I never know what lies ahead of me from day to day. My latest battle is dealing with a Frozen Shoulder with a recovering time of 6-24 months! I honestly could be dead before my shoulder heals. That is the nature of this disease. I continue to work hard to preserve my lungs with crossfit, rowing, walking, and stretching as well as managing the foundation and making time for some fun!

Burpees for Breath and Birthdays

For the last time this year I am asking you to join me, nay, participate with me in the Burpees for Breath Challenge. I have my work cut out for me in trying to do these burpees aka exercise from the devil, with my crap lungs and my frozen shoulder but I never back down from my challenges. I always find a way around them. Last year we raised $9000 with the help of donors, participants and Lenny & Phyllis Shapiro, who matched our donations at 25%. This year I would be over the moon to raise at least $10000.00!! Are you in? You can sign up as an individual, a team of 4 or donate an amount greater than $25 to NOT have to do the burpees, LOL. I think this last category might be our most popular. You can donate to my page or any other athlete signing up. Personally I would love to have you by my side struggling through a challenge for all. Conquering these challenges is empowering to the disabled and to the strong alike. Even if you are out of town, have a party at your house, play some music, set the time for 7 minutes, do the burpees, and post on our fb page!! You can still collect pledges by signing up. All donations are 100% tax deductible!!


When: Saturday,September 29th at 1PM

Where: Chinook CrossFit: #104, 4600- 104th Ave SE, Calgary

What: 7 minutes of Burpees

Why?: To raise money for CF research and to make your heart feel good physically and metaphorically

Who: Summit Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis and the Calgary Health Trust run this event.

How? You sign up or donate by clicking this link for all the details. Burpees for Breath

Remember all participants get some sweet swag listed on the website.

Thank you for continuing to support me, the foundation and the cause- you make a difference! See you in the trenches!


P.S. If you haven’t watched the Telus documentary featuring moi feel free to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy 17 minutes of a peak into my life.

Fighting For Breath

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