It’s All About Perspective

You’ve heard it before, a friends husband drops dead of a heart attack, your friend is devastated and suddenly your life is jolted into perspective. You look at wherever silly issue you were fretting about and realize that they have quickly become irrelevant.

Why does it take a tragedy, challenge, or newly diagnosed illness to put our life in perspective. Before I go into that what does it even mean to put life into perspective?

I believe that putting your life into perspective means re-prioritizing your life priorities. Material things become unimportant and relationships become all important. One realizes that life is short and what really matters aren’t things but moments and experiences with people you love. Let me repeat that, LIFE IS SHORT. The cliche says “no one ever said they wish they bought more stuff while on their death bed”. As one person faces a terminal illness or loss of a loved one or pet that person thinks about what matters. I know that every time I am on my phone and Cali starts pawing me to get off of said phone I put it down. Why? Because when the time comes and she crosses over I will never want to say, “I should have put my phone down”. I want to savour my time with her, with my friends, with my family, and with me. Isn’t that what life is about? Well it seems those things only become valuable when you are faced with losing them. I admit, I am a brat and I should spend way more time with my parents, my brother and his family, and my dear friends. I have to work on that. I am a loner. I enjoy being alone. Always have.

Putting your life into perspective is a day by day marathon. Perspective is like coffee we all need a little bit each day. I know I am not perfect. I lose my cool over the dumbest, most ridiculous things. I am an angry driver. I get all worked up cause some guy cut me off. I know I need to reel it in and I do. I found a way to get perspective and not freak out while driving. I don’t remember where I heard this coping skill from but it goes like this. Whoever is pissing you off while you are out driving, pretend they are 1. Jesus or 2. Your most favourite person in the world or 3. Your boss. Wouldn’t you feel like a total asshat if the person pissing you off was one of those people and you are flipping them the bird, tail-gating, cussing and shaking your head in the rearview and they can see its you!!!!??? Uh yeah. So in regards to perspective this is just one way I get my perspective.

The above anecdote is just a light example of finding perspective, the stuff that really matters is letting go of things in place of letting in love and cherishing the little stuff. Putting down the phone to play with your kids, Turning off the TV to have a nice chat with your husband, calling your best friend instead of texting, taking a great picture of your family and putting it in a frame to remind you of the greatness that lies in that family, just sitting on a deck with a great friend and listening to the birds. That is the stuff life is made up.

4 very powerful words: “!”


Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’

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