I’m 46 and I Read My Friends’ Obituaries in the Newspaper

Like wtf?? I am gutted to have lost another friend to CF. I am actually numb with sadness. She was 10 years post lung transplant and her body decide to reject her lungs and that was it. Nothing could be done. Rachel and I used to be super close, meeting weekly for tacos. We drifted a bit cause she was busy with a job and I with the gym but we would text each other every once in awhile. She was the kind of person who I thought would live forever. She didn’t have any issues post transplant besides a couple stomach issues and was back to work 4 months after the transplant. She has worked hard her whole life. She worked for Purolator and climbed the ranks quite quickly. When she had just started in one of the retail locations she would tell me about a Flame or a Stampeder who came in to send a package. It was such a highlight for her. And I know she would have talked shop with them and they would have loved it! She loved football- NFL that is and it drove me a bit crazy but it was her passion. She was a diehard Cowboys fan. She liked the stamps and flames too but not like NFL.

I really am going to miss her. I just thought she would always be there and now that she is gone in such a short time I am kind of in disbelief. She was just at the Shaw Classic with her dad like 3 weeks ago. This is the kind of thing I should be talking about while I am in my 80’s not my 40’s. I can’t even say she lived a nice long life because she didn’t!! It was fucking short. It was ripped from her hands in the matter of a week. I am really angry right now and if I could, I would be cussing every swear word I can but I want to try to keep this PG. She was always so willing to help with my gala and the baseball games. She was so thrilled the one year when she got a picture with Kelly Hrudey at the 3rd Summit Gala.

Besides being one of the worst diseases out there it is also a real bitch. It doesn’t care that you were a great person and brought such light to the world. It has snuffed the light of several of my CF friends. 2 of them very close to my heart. It just doesn’t care. Its a fight at birth and a fight at death. At least now she can rest. Until we meet again. Say hi to Diane while you are up there for me please. I am sure she will meet you at the gates. Love you girl.

I will see you Friday for your farewell.


“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'”

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