Five Feet Apart

As many of you have seen, there is a Hollywood movie recently released that depicts the love story between 2 patients with cystic fibrosis. Many in the CF community are up in arms about how it is disrespectful to real CF patients and that it skews the public’s perception about how difficult CF is to live with. I am not one of these persons. I don’t understand how making a movie that was funded by a real Hollywood studio about a love story between 2 people who happen to be ill is such an issue. Who cares. They could have gotten everything wrong about that movie in regards to what CF is truly about and it still would have raised the awareness about CF. The movie opened last Friday and raked in 13 million dollars. Not too shabby. Google reported a 110% increase in the search for CF. There is no chapter, no foundation, no company that can raise that kind of awareness for CF. So please just relax. I have yet to see the movie granted but I really don’t care how wrong they get it. It’s good for CF business. If a beautiful love story brings new volunteers, new donors, new sponsors or new guests to all of our fundraising events, well thats a huge win in my eyes. So for those of you upset about it, get over it. Be grateful and when someone asks you about your CF just share the truth about it, at least a door has been opened for you to tell your story.


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