Ugh! Viewer Discretion is Advised

Caveat: The people I am referring to in this blog are the hateful anarchists not those who have followed public health policies, been vaccinated but still have reservations and concerns whether warranted or not.

I do not even know what to say this week. I am so frustrated and disappointed in my fellow countrymen. Ever since Trump took office he gave a platform to the white supremacists, the haters, the vitriol, the division and the abhorrent side of humankind. Here at home we have people holding the majority of us hostage with misaligned, misinformed, and selfish actions in the form of non compliance to public health policies, bullying and anarchy under the guise of a protest. The actions of these people are absolutely reprehensible and the reaction to them from authority is absolutely mind-boggling. When someone goes beyond the orderly guaranteed right to protest to actual criminal activity without consequence, we end up opening up Pandora’s box to have even more reprehensible behaviour.

Back in the day these gutter rats stayed in the shadows and didn’t show their hate for everyone to see, leaving the majority of Canadians living in a form of peace. We knew it was there but they knew that their behaviour is not acceptable in the public eye for fear of having consequences. Right now it’s on display. It’s just pathetic. It isn’t even about anything real. It’s become an invitation to be an awful person with no consequences. We, the majority, have to tolerate this behaviour for fear of actual violence against ourselves. The rules we used to abide by are not in play at the moment. I will even get hate just for stating how I feel. It all boils down to one thing, pure hate. Hate for authority, hate for the colour of another persons skin, hate for someone wearing a mask, hate for a company mandating a vaccine, hate for being excluded from restaurants, travel, and work for being unvaccinated, hate for health care workers taking care of those dying from COVID who are mainly unvaccinated, hate for losing the privilege of living in a pandemic strained society, hate for common decency, hate for the common good, hate for being a selfish asshat, hate for being in the minority, hate for just being hateful. The bottom line is that if we would have all agreed that wearing a mask properly, social distancing and getting vaccinated we would not be in this hateful world right now. We have had too many entitled selfish people not comply with these 3 simple ‘rules’ of current society and now our healthcare system crumbles below our feet.

If the coronavirus wasn’t so deadly this would all be moot but it is the most contagious virus out there since measles, which we eradicated through vaccination. It is nothing the world has ever seen and it was always going to happen. The lack of trust in our extremely well educated doctors and scientists about what to do to get out of this situation is truly astounding. We developed an effective vaccine in record time in order to save peoples lives. All the while these asshats will treat themselves with a horse de wormer while sucking back 25 cigarettes in a day and lubricating themselves with alcohol and drugs, but taking a vaccine is like a death sentence. It’s actually just the opposite but sure go ahead and kill yourself defending your beliefs you found on a flyer on a tree.

This has pitted the educated/intelligent versus the uneducated/unintelligent and it’s pathetic. I would never try to convince how wrong someone is when it comes to the vaccine, masks or social distancing because it will only cause me grief and my mental health is much more important than fighting with a person who refuses to believe the truth.

I get everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.

99% of the human race is on the right side of this pandemic while the 1% continue to wreak havoc in our lives. It baffles me to no end. There should be dire consequences for acting the way that they are. Letting these anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, pro-disease fuck heads roam the planet with no consequences is what makes my blood boil. The irony in them acting this way and demanding that their freedom has been taken is laughable. You are literally enjoying your freedom to spew hate, ignore mandates, ignore public policy, and still get free healthcare. Unfuckingbelievable.

The history books are going to out all of these people and I feel for the generations to come who are born from these people. Eventually right always wins, its just taking a shit long time to get ‘righted’ at the moment. I feel like we need an asteroid to hit the planet to put it back on its proper axis and send the gutter rats back into the gutter where they belong. There is no place for that type of person. I can’t count how many people I have deleted, muted or completely removed from my life, due to this pandemic. It’s tragic. I am in the majority because I am in the right. I will never understand the thought process that 1% of people are claiming to be their right to think, when you’re wrong you’re wrong. Hate me I don’t care. I know I am right. I am fine with that. Nothing you can say to me will ever get me to see your point of view. NOTHING.

So take your hate and shove it up your ass where it belongs. I have sat silent on this for far too long. Eventually the bad behaviour will come with dire consequences. Buckle up assholes!

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