Jesus Take The Wheel- As The World falls Apart

I am in utter shock about the invasion of Ukraine by a diabolical mad man. It is disgusting, abhorrent, vile, and evil. So much grief and tragedy for people trying to live free. You cannot just come and take their freedom. The resolve of the Ukrainians is absolutely astonishing and truly inspiring. I do know that this does not end well for Putin. You will never survive when an entire world is about to take you out. My hope is that Putin is murdered by his own cabinet in the dead of night while the sounds of the Ukrainian national anthem pours in over his lifeless, soul-less, heart-less, rabid corpse. For the first time in 80 years the world is once again in full solidarity against a small minded dickless tyrant. God and the will of the Ukrainians and the rest of the world will right this wrong.

I really don’t want to talk about my week because it is truly irrelevant right now. I have a safe home to live in, a street I can freely walk along and food in my belly. Perspective is a phenomenal teacher.

All I can say is that the selfishness and pettiness of the ‘freedom convoy’ anti-maskers and anti-covid haters, anti-mandate-ers is truly deplorable. They had all the freedom in the world to wreak havoc on their fellow countrymen and I hope that every one of them gets their due consequences. Could you imagine if they had to fight a real war? No, they would run away like the little pieces of shit that they are. They talk of being a second class citizen in the current world and guess what- they are! You chose NOT to do the right thing and that left you out of society for the last 2 years, where you couldn’t hurt others. Now that the majority of us are triple vaxxed and all the protections that were in place are lifted, you get to re-enter society to infect all the rest of your kind. Giddy-up just stay the fuck away from me!

On that note let us all pray for Ukraine and a rapid and painful defeat for Putin. God save Ukraine.

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