Why Am I So Angry?

So I was thinking about my last post directed at those that cannot follow the simple rules of a free and fair country. It highlighted my intense anger towards them. I realized that, of course, it’s not anger it’s fear. Anger is always a symptom of something deeper. I am a person who fights back, I have a very large wall around me at all times and I am hot headed when provoked. Not very admirable qualities. The pandemic has brought out the worst in me and last night I decided that, that was enough.

I am done spewing my hate for those unwilling to help others. They will have their own karma to face. It’s not my job to show the world their misaligned views on public health protections.

The world was dealt a blow unseen in 100 years. It was unprecedented in modern society. It took us to our collective knees. Despite having the most brilliant researchers and an endless amount of money we were still unable to stop this foe. Even with a miraculous amount of vaccines to fend off this enemy we are still kneecapped after 26 months. It shouldn’t have gone this way. It shouldn’t have killed millions and millions of world citizens. The way that countries dealt with this enemy was bungled by many with unwarranted amounts of fear mongering. Social media created two worlds. Those that believe the virus is real and those that don’t, even though we can see it. “Don’t look up”. Administrations mocked the very men providing the way out of this pandemic. Poor countries were crushed. Leaders completely shell-shocked with what to do against an invisible tyrant. There were so many missteps around the world that have led to us still being entrenched in this pandemic 26 months later.

The last 26 months have put all of our lives on hold. We have lost so many people close to us to this virus. We have had to collectively agree on how to protect each-other. We had to shield the immunocompromised and the elderly, we had to protect our frontline, we had to shut down our economies, we had to stop living the way we were used to. All of the things that were asked of us to protect humanity were not big sacrifices. We were told to social distance, keep gatherings to a few loved ones, to not share meals indoors, to wear a mask, to stay home if sick and to take the vaccine when available. This is where the divide began.

Over the last generation we have created a huge amount of entitlement and me vs. we thinking. We went from respecting each others space to demanding to infringe upon it. We feel oppressed because we have to wear a simple piece of cloth over our mouth and nose. I have to say this is the most disappointing and lowest point in humankind in my lifetime. Even if you don’t want the vaccine, a mask is the very very least thing you can do for humanity. And to boot is the the absolute easiest thing to do. This is the worlds version of a seatbelt. It is so easy and so very helpful for you and others. It has baffled me to no end why people have such a hard time to do this one thing. I can’t breathe on a good day and I have worn my mask for the entirety of this pandemic. There are no excuses, NONE. Wearing a mask turned into the toddler version of a 3 year old refusing to eat his peas. Absurd with no rational reason for not doing it. From masking we moved into the social distancing. Most people followed these protections but a loud few felt once again, oppressed. That not being to sit up to a table with 27 of your friends was like being put into jail. The entitlement of those dripped off those tables. It was embarrassing and still is. We should have safely exited the pandemic 14 months ago but here we are still killing each-other needlessly. When people were asked to celebrate major holidays with those in their household the entitled bunch just about jumped off a building in outrage. Sure we missed celebrating Christmas with all of our friends and family but today we get to celebrate with them once again because they are still alive. We sacrificed for the greater good. That is something lost on these selfish versions of human beings. At this moment our hospitals and morgues are filled with these people. Those of us who followed these extremely simple ways to protect our loved ones are not the ones clogging up our ER’s. The other extremely disappointing mindset of this minority was that people who had co morbidities deserved to die, they were sick anyway and old people dying is just part of life. It is a very tragic way of thinking and fuels a lot of my anger. I have been in my bunker for the entire time save for the ability to go camping. I would be considered collateral damage not a human being who also deserves to live. Then the thinking of just let the virus rage among all of us with no protections was and is just narrow minded and naive. The virus has killed many healthy adults and children on top of those with other issues. Let it run rampant would have led to a complete collapse of the civilized world. It was never an option and still isn’t. If it was gonorrhea you could bet these people would have masked up, nobody wants their junk to fall off.

The pandemic has brought out the worst and the best in all of us. So you ask me why I am so angry? well it’s because I am not ready to die.

Now watching a country ripped of their freedoms by war, the idea of having to wear a mask should seem extremely silly. We are free, very very free. Even the morons among us get that same freedom. I am letting go of my hate, I’m just so deeply disappointed in my fellow humans.


  1. David Zeller

    I am baffled with people and masking??? I wear my mask, primarily to protect you not me. When I see a person with a mask, I say thank you 🙏

    David Zeller


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