Birthday Week Ends on a Really Great Note!

It has been a great week of celebrating. Just to be alive and celebrate with so much love in my life is more then one can ask for. I had so much fun today playing tea bag toss, tea tray memory game, play-doh sculpting and the Saran Wrap prize ball. That got a little crazy thanks to Oleksiy and Dave not hanging on to it as per the rules! Wink wink. It turned out to be a beautiful day and I was spoiled…again. Cali got little bits of sandwiches, lots of love and a couple of very belated Christmas presents. LOL The deck held all 25 of us comfortably. I am so happy to age. To age with CF is a miracle. I am looking forward to settling into the start of my 47th year and look to coming around the corner to 50. When I was old enough to understand the gravity of my life with CF I thought that reaching 40 would be a good full life. Now I look to 80! Thank you to everyone who makes my life full and rich and blessed. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support and love of the dozens of special friends and family in my life. Here are a bunch of pics from the party.

Tea bag toss! So fun!

Cali waiting for guests to arrive.

The famous angel food cake with 7 minute frosting! Thanks Mom for making 4!!

Jorge, winner of the tea bag toss!

Dad, done with the bow tie. He was dapper though!!

Tea cup and saucer challenge with play doh.

Tea Tray Memory game. Only 1 person got all 10 items!

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