My Life Changing Week: Part Two

Wow what a busy 3 hours it was today. I haven’t been able to update because I couldn’t see properly due to having my pupils dilated. Do not recommend. Ugh. So I had 6 or 7 different vision tests and then a consult with Dr. Dotchin. I passed all my tests and currently there is no worry of anything nefarious. I do have to change my eye doctor to her because with my diabetes and new complex eye sitch, the Costco ophthalmologist won’t cut it anymore.😂. So that was a relief. So I got a new eye doctor and a clean bill of eye health.

Immediately after that appointment I headed to Dr. Mechor’s office. I got the appointment to see him this morning at 8 am. I am very fortunate that my case is being looked after as quickly as it has been. Especially during this pandemic of the unvaccinated assholes. SO he showed me my issues in the CT. I have one tumour/mucocele at the edge of my brain where the bone has eroded completely away and the other one laying on the optic nerve near my right eye. My septum is deviated but does not need reconstruction as airways are still in tact. He matter of factory told me that this needs surgical attention asap. He wants me to meet with the anesthesiologist to discuss my comfort level with general versus local freezing and massive pain meds. He thinks that it should take less than 30 minutes and it will be day surgery. They’d have liked to have kept me overnight but not with the current unvaccinated asshole crisis happening right now. I am A-OK with that. He is going to talk to my doc Mike about the pre/post surgery antibiotic plan. He is well aware of the delicate situation I am in with my lungs. He said he hopes to get me in, in the next couple of weeks but that again depends on the crisis of the unvaccinated assholes. My words, not his, One of my doc’s calls them all fucknuts so I’m not far off.

I can’t do anything strenuous for 2 weeks for normal people and 4 for broken bodies like mine, for fear of a massive nose bleed. Obviously I will be rowing and walking at the very least. Good thing I have the best family and friends in the world so I can get through this. I was hoping that this clean out would give me my sense of smell back and he said very unlikely. So that sucks. So that all being said I just have to suck it up as usual and put my head down and work hard to stay my normal shitty stable. I am praying that this surgery does not take me out. That’s my only concern.

In the meantime, if you haven’t got vaccinated please do us both a favour and get it done. The delta variant is the devil incarnate and it loves loves loves the unvaccinated. I will not feel sorry for any of you who get really sick from COVID. You will deserve every miserable symptom of it but don’t clog up our healthcare system for your blind loyalty to stupidity and irrational lies. You don’t deserve the care of our amazing healthcare family. Stay home and suck it up buttercup every miserable minute of it and pray you don’t die.


  1. Janet Pohl

    I was so uplifted by your week of testimony to what you can do since being put on this trial drug that was working for you. So sorry to hear how serious your condition is that showed up in your skull cat scan. I pray your surgery comes soon. Hope you are enjoying a week of camping and relaxing in spite of the bad news you recently got. Love you always and forever. Jan


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