Winter Woes

It has been a wicked awful winter not only for me but the majority of Canada. The amount of snow is bonkers. I am not sure I will see my lawn until July. It is also very defeating. When I physically get through a winter I celebrate. I take Cali for longer walks, I sit on my deck more often, I listen for the birds to finally tell me spring is here. This year though, is relentless. It is snowing again as I type. My body is exhausted. My soul is yearning for spring. Spring is my favourite season. Spring is my reward for getting through winter. Right now I feel like a prisoner and I am not happy. I feel like I am going to get ripped off this year of my hard earned time for spring and then summer will be like 2 weeks and before I know it we are back to crappy winter. We’ve really pissed off the weather gods, apparently. This years winter has broke records for cold where it never gets cold and warm where is should never get warm. The amount of snow across North America is unprecedented. Where will it all go? We are going to have a ridiculous amount of mosquitoes this year just in time to wreck camping season. At least we shouldn’t have forest fire issues like last year. I know I am just rambling but if I put this out there maybe the weather gods will lighten up.


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