2018 Cherokee North-Patriot Blue

So I have been thinking about getting a new Jeep. I currently have a 2005 Grand Cherokee. It is a great vehicle and I have taken good care of it. I always knew I wanted to get a new car at a time when I could get some money out of my jeep. Well that day just came. I just bought myself a 2018 Cherokee North in patriot blue. I have had many gut decisions come to me at night and since I’ve acted on them, they have always been right. I had a gut instinct to move my bedroom downstairs, I had a gut instinct to look for a different accommodation for my Edmonton trip from what I had booked and now I had the gut instinct to get a new car. Did I need a new one? No, I did not. Could I have driven this one into the ground? Sure. As I am normally quite cheap and practical I decided that since I am coming to the end of my life (If trx doesn’t work out) I might as well have one of the finer things. I want to treat myself and enjoy whatever will be my last days on Earth. Please note, I would only do such a thing as long as I could afford to do it. I’m not going to leave my beneficiaries a bunch of debt. I am very happy with following my gut instincts. I don’t feel guilty about it either because I do not waste my money on expensive purses and shoes. I don’t eat out that often and I don’t have a very big clothing budget given that I live in sweats and sweatshirts. So here is a picture of the exact vehicle I just treated myself to. And yes, it has all the bells and whistles! Yay me!

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